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PT Actuators new Scorpion series

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PT Actuators new Scorpion series 

Actuators are the result of an extensive R&D development process.
Learning from all of our previous actuator designs, the Scorpion is a versatile
design that can scale to meet most any customers requirements. Due to it's flexible
mounting solution, it can be easily integrated into a customers required solution.
Due to its flexible design the Scorpion Actuator can be manufactured with a stroke from
50mm to 1000mm. It is has an operational weight range from 150kg, all the way up to 1ton.
The Scorpion has excellent speed ranges available to match customers’ needs. Speeds from
250mm per second all the way up to 1000mm per second. It's easy see from these technical
specifications that our new Scorpion actuator design is a very flexible motion solution
for anything from Industrial Commercial uses all the way down to the individual motion
systems integrator, and DIY projects. The Scorpion is available in four different
classes that reflect their intended use. Scorpion S, Scorpion E, Scorpion X, and Scorpion Y.
We are very proud of our new Scorpion Actuators and are ready to build a comprehensive
Motion solution custom fit to your needs.

What kind of Research Development we do for Scorpions:
1. All in one design of the aluminum housing
2. Compact anti-rotation structure inside
3. 50/40 Industrial piston rod (Inner hole precision grinding to IT4 high standards)
4. Flexible to match many model of motor flanges (servo motor 80/90/110/130, stepper motor 86/110/130, brushless motor 85)
5. Hard oxidation surface treatment technology
6. Easy maintenance/Easy assembly/High precision transmission/Saves energy/Acoustic friendly for home use
7. Great combination of the industrial quality build and high quality finish for simulators.
8. Super-long life endurance of 8 years

Many Applications for simulation and automatic heavy duty industry:
1. All simulators underweight 3 tons (private/commercial)
2. Wood cutting machine
3. Automatic mound injection machine


The new Scorpion Motion  Actuator Series will be available in mid-August, so stay tuned please......




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