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5th Anniversary Celebration

5th Anniversary Celebration

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One more surprise !
Party will never stop......

Free license will be released !!! 
All you have to do is share us pictures of 
 your simulator assemble with our 3DOF Mega Monstor 

Hey, Buddy!  Welcome on board! 
To fulfill the most stunning order experience,
please double check the hardware descriptions
and technical 
to ensure your rig model are in the list below:
Sim Lab  P1 / GT1 / Fanatec/ Tracracer / Jcl

3  Mega-Monster Actuator which mounted perpendicular
( AC110V~220V World Wide )
1 set of AMC-AASD15A controller
3 set of shield AASD15A servo driver (flange size 80 with 750w)
3 set of floor contact cups
3 set of servo actuators (speed:250mm/s,force:150kg,stroke/100mm)  Black or silver shipping at random
3 set of U brackets
3 set of power and encoder cables (3meters long)
$2799 with shipping cost to the USA / Canada / UK / France / Spain / Germany / Italy 


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