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Champion GT

Champion GT

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 Champion GT

Technical Specifications of the Champion GT 
 Central core controller(AMC-SRS 4in1) (one year warranty)    1pc
 PTA-E-stop button 1 pc ( LAN cable inside )
 PTA-Champion Multiple in One Metal Enclosure     1pc
 All Shield PT-Actuator servo system specially for sim racing/flight (flange size 60 with 600w) 
( 3 years long- term warranty)      4pcs
 Actuator captive floor cups 4 pcs
 Champion GT actuators  (Speed:300mm/s, Force:150kg, Stroke:100mm/3.94 inches)     4pcs
 PT-Actuator Long-term ball screw 1605/diameter 16mm lead screw:5mm 
 ( 3 years super long- term warranty )
 Champion actuator mounting brackets for rig/cockpit ( PT LOGO )     4 pcs
 Power&Encoder cables (3 meters/ 9.84 feet )     4pcs
 PTA-SRS Valid License     1pc
  Price: $3,999 
 Note: Shipping by air door to door, import taxes included for European Union Countries, US, Canada,               Australia, West Malaysia, Thailand


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