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Motion Dragon 6DOF GT

Motion Dragon 6DOF GT

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Motion Dragon 6DOF GT 
( Rotate plate supported )
SimRacing Platform
 Hardware Configurations
 SimRacing platform ECU :  1 set of AMC Thanos Controller 7in1 
 Servo System:  4 set of AASD-15A plus PTA 80ST (750W) + 3 set of AASD-15A plus PTA 60ST (600W)
 Guide railway system:  PTA HGH25 Heavy duty model (Dynamic:800kg )
 SimRacing platform struture:  PTA Self made chassis and anodized coating surface treatment technology
( Black color)
 Lighting system:  Red/Blue/Green/Yellow
 System payload:  Dynamic:600kg
 Actuator motion system:  PTA-Scorpion S (Stroke 150mm) / Baby monsters for Double TL/Surge(Stroke 200mm)  
 Emergency stop:  http://www.pt-actuator.com/products/p5/338.html
 Belt Tension R Machine:  http://www.pt-actuator.com/products/Active_Belt_Tensioner/2021/0202/322.html
 Tower for Tension R:  http://www.pt-actuator.com/products/Active_Belt_Tensioner/Belt_Tension_R_Tower/2022/0909/504.html
 Software and controller:  SimRacingStudio and Thanos AMC controller
 Real Power consumption:  Max: 2000W
 AC 220-230V Power Grid  China/Australia//Dubai/Germany/South Africa( Rated power consumption:   4800W, 15amps fused enough)
 AC 110V-115V power grid  USA/Japan/China Taiwan/Canada(Rated power consumption:3kw, 30amps)
 Price (USD):   14,999USD ( Import taxes included )


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