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Scorpion Actuator kits

Scorpion U (Ultimate)

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The new Scorpion "Sting" Series Actuator Kits THK SCREW  )

( AC110V~220V World Wide )

Story of the scorpion E.S.C.U ( experience, super, commerical,ultimate)

PT Actuator is proud to introduce our new family of powerful and cost effective actuators that can easily be mounted on your existing platform.
Meet the family…
Scorpion E is our entry level daily member. With a stroke of 100mm and acceleration speed of 250mm/s, you are able to feel the road. Great for racing enthusiasts but also provide motion sensation to fly enthusiasts
Scorpion S provides extra range and acceleration speed. With a stroke of 150mm and acceleration of up to 250mm/s, you can now achieve higher degrees of movement to enhance your experience while racing, rallying or flying.
If you run a commercial business, Sim center or arcade and needs reliability and power, Scorpion C is for you. The upgraded mechanical components allow you to run those 24x7 and ensure you maximize revenue and client satisfaction.
Scorpion U (Ultimate):
Scorpion U is the ultimate actuator motion system. With strokes from 300mm to 600mm it’s the ideal actuator to build your 6DOF Stewart platform for the most enjoyable and realistic flight experience.
Whatever your needs are, PT actuators scorpion family is the most powerful and cost effective solution for all your needs.

6DOF Scorpion U Stewart platform hardware list:
( AC110V~220V World Wide )
 1 set of PTA controller
 6 set of power and encoder cable (3meters long)
6 set of PT2510 Scorpion servo actuators ( speed:500mm/s,force:150kg,stroke/450mm)    
Option A: Inline type / Option B: Foldback type 
 ( 3 years super long- term warranty )
 6 set of shield PTA servo driver(motor:750W, flange size:80, speed:3000rpm ) 
  ( 3 years super long- term warranty )
 12 set of heavy duty universal joints( which used to upper and below platforms)
 Software: Sim Racing Studio (Preferred)/  Simtools V2 Edition (Optional)
Price (USD )  :  
Memo: Resale or used PT products are not covered by the warranty


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