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Simflight Motion Platform

6DOF Stewart Motion Platform Kits 6D-01

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We typically have two types of the actuators with both stroke 450mm, but they are direct inline and foldback. For foldback actuators, the biggest advantages are pulley and gear transmissions, we are flexbile to adjust the speed and force based on limited motor watts, and of course, it will be also a little lower by its fully body dimension compared with direct inline ones.
A lot of guys are interested on the 6dof, cause it could be making flight sims much more immersive, with this great demand, we open to share 2 kinds of classical design of 6DOF sunken type platforms. You can download the pdf file listed below, check the dimensions,where to fixed the universal joints,what's the best CG dimenion,and motion platform radius,etc.  This will make complicated work much more easy to achieve.
If you guys want heavy duty or customized motion platforms, please let us know, PT-Actuator is free to provide you a constructive/pratical solution.

6DOF Stewart platform hardware list:
( AC110V~220V World Wide )
1 set of AMC-AASD15A controller
6 set of power and encoder cable (3meters long)
6 set of PT2510 servo actuators ( speed:500mm/s,force:150kg,stroke/450mm)    
Option A: Inline type / Option B: Foldback type   ( 3 years super long- term warranty )
6 set of shield AMC-AASD15A-PLUS servo driver(motor:750W, flange size:80, speed:3000rpm )   ( 3 years super long- term warranty )
12 set of heavy duty universal joints( which used to upper and below platforms)
Price ( USD ) : 12,999USD   ( VAT Included )
Supported Software:Fly PT & Ian 6DOF BFF 
Memo: Resale or used PT products are not covered by the warranty

Package information
        Weight(kgs)  Dimensions(mm)
      195kgs 96*56*49mm

Part drawing outline:

6ODF classical actuator application:


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