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Simflight Motion Platform

6DOF With Rotation Plate Motion Platform Kits 6D-03

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6DOF Plus Rotation Plate Stewart platform hardware list: 
( AC110V~220V World Wide )
1 set of AMC-AASD15A controller
1 set of heavy duty rotation plate ( CW/CCW without any mechanical transmission restrictions) 
1 set of motion platform(upper platform+below platform by Hexpod, Radius: 500mm~800mm)  
6 set of power and encoder cable (3meters long)
6 set of PT2510 servo actuators ( speed:250mm/s,force:250kg,stroke/300mm)   
Option A: Inline type / Option B: Foldback type    ( 3 years super long- term warranty )
6 set of shield AMC-AASD15A shield servo driver(motor:1500W, flange size:110, speed:2000rpm )
( 3 years super long- term warranty )
12 set of heavy duty universal joints( 6set of horizontal and 6set for perpendicular )
FOB Shanghai :  30,499USD~50,499USD
Supported Software:Fly PT & Ian 6DOF BFF 
Memo: Resale or used PT products are not covered by the warranty

Part drawing outline:


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