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Controller with 7 Interfaces $399

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The newest RGB controller supports up to 7DOF platforms !

The AMC-AASD15A servo motion controller can control the AASD-15A servomotors safely and accurate. The controller ensures a few things when the servomotor is attached to an actuator:

  • Automatic Home calibration on power up or re-connection
  • Protection from exceeding physical limits of the actuator
  • Optional Platform Health check, to ensure all actuators are active during gaming.

It will allow to set the following parameters to match your actuators:

  • Adjustable stroke from 10mm to 1300mm
  • Adjustable screw lead Pitch, 4mm, 5mm, 10mm or 25mm advance per revolution
  • Adjustable direction for Inline or Foldback placement of servomotor
  • Optional selection of belt reduction ratios (1:1, 1:1.5, 1:2) for foldback actuators.

It supports up to 6DOF platforms (Extra manual wiring for 7DOF is possible also). Its fully compatible with Simtools, FlyPT mover and Ian's BFF 6DOF motion software, as it uses the same data format as all my AMC motion controllers.

This controller was designed to allow conversion of 4DOF platforms from SFX100 to Simtools compatibility. It was build on the already proven AMC1280USB controller but has dedicated servo firmware and DB25 connectors for easy plug and play use.

Its fully autonomous and secure way to interface your 4DOF or 6DOF platform to simtools, with lots of security and safety measures, while allowing simple plug and play operation.



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