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Technical data: 
AMC-AASD15A controller:
- Resolution: 40000 positions for 400mm stroke
- Control: Direct pulse system - Pulse frequency: 250k pulses per second
- Position trajectory: fixed trajectory path

AASD15A drive: 
- Nominal voltage: 110/220V AC - Rated current: 15A

AMC-MDBOX controller
- Resolution: 4095 positions scaled to any stroke length
- Control: 12bit DAC-System
- Frequency: 1000 positions per second
- Position trajectory: flexible, can abort the command while driving

MDBOX drive (Syntron 3in1): 
- Nominal voltage: 220V AC
- Rated current: 35A for three motors
- DAC sampling rate: 10ms -> that results in 100 new positions per second

Concept of the drive system:
The AMC-AASD15A processes each of its seven channels in low-level pulse control mode. This requires a lot of processing power to obtain up to 1000 positions per second. This means that the AASD15A amplifier must be less intelligent than the MDBOX. Here a large part of the work is done in the controller. The AMC-AASD15A controller performs the home calibration of the actuators independently for each channel, even if they are disconnected and reconnected (hot plug).
In the event of a fault in the amplifier, it can be easily and inexpensively replaced.
Each axis of the MDBOX amplifier is an independent unit which converts the setpoint at the input into a position of the actuator. For this purpose the MDBOX amplifier has a control loop for each axis. This means that the MDBOX amplifier calibrates all actuators after switching on, not the AMC controller.
But a weakness also becomes visible here: In the event of a fault in the amplifier, three axes must be replaced at once.

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